The All India Board of General Knowledge Test has been conducting General Knowledge Test every year since 1951. It is intended to create the reading habit, among students so that they may remain abreast of the latest developments in all spheres of life.

This is the third and one of the most active wings of USO. The board conducts every year in November, a country-wide General Knowledge test with a view to improve the general knowledge of students. A number of books are printed every year to help the students. Cash prizes are given to the first 115 rank holders in each category. Besides cash prizes, Special Merit certificates are also awarded to the prize winners. Photographs of the prize winners are published in our monthly official publication "World Informo".

Any school sending more than 100 candidates will be entitled to appoint an examiner from its staff. Examiner will be paid an honorarium of Rs. 250/- for 100 answer books. In addition to this, the examiners will be awarded a Special Certifiacate of Honour for the services rendered by them in evaluating the answers.

Any school sponsoring 1000 or more candidates, 800 or more candidates and 400 or more candidates in the test will be given a cash award a sum of Rs. 1,500/-, Rs. 800/- and Rs. 400/- respectively. This money may be distributed to the teachers who helped in preparing the Test. Appreciation certificates will be given to all the participating schools. Bound copy of the seven jewels of UN, UNESCO and GK books will be given to all those schools who will sponsor more than 400 candidates for the test.